Freeway – Escalators [Video]

Of his upcoming album Diamond in the Ruff

Man o man, Freeway is doing real good lately. Last years Stimulus Package (which was entirely produced by Jake One) was dope as hell. Him working with Jake One and signing on the underground indie label Rhymesayers Entertainment ( home of Brother Ali, Evidence, MF Doom and many, many more awesome artist), was the best move he could do. Not only did he gained new fans in the hip hop scene, he also got better as an Artist. He may not be ballin as much as in the Roc-A-Fella era. But he’s one of the few Roc-A-Fella cats who is still relevant in the game and is making some good music.

 Escalators is produced by (surprise, surprise) Jake One. Apparently both know they make a pretty good team.

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