Sampled : Ready for Reuse

We all know that people sample for their beats, some samples are hard to find others not so much. Especially since you can almost find everything online. It almost takes out the hunt. But for that doesn’t make it less fun. I just love finding the original sample, it’s creates a whole another dimension for me. I discover new artists (old if you think about it actually). And I’ll gain more respect for a producer for finding those sample and flipping it.

Some samples are popular with the producers so it can happen that some songs have the same beat, so let’s post those bad boys and see which one is better!

Let start with one that’s sampled by a lot of producers the classic song I Forgot to be Your Lover by William Bell:

What can I say about this song which everybody already know it’s a classic mayne!

This one is a R&B classic,  Jaheim did a pretty good job but it just doesn’t hold by comparison.

Not done yet, last one is Killah Priest’s One Step perhaps not as big as the other two but still a Hip Hop classic.

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