Lil B – Base For Your Face ft. Jean Grae & Phonte (prod. 9th wonder)

Lil B is what you might call a controversial rapper, he has over 155 MySpace pages and recorded over 1,500 songs in the year 2010 alone with songs like ; ‘Wonton Soup’, ‘Ellen DeGeneres’, ‘I Cook’ (which he created a dance for), ‘Justin Bieber’ and of course not to forget ‘ Pretty Bitch’ were he calls him self a pretty bitch and a princes. It’s hard to take him serious, especially when the self-proclaimed BasedGod tweeted that he would rape Kanye West if he doesn’t acknowledge him. Strangely enough he got a huge Internet fan base partly thanks to the message-board 4chan. Even stranger is that he even got selected for The 2011  XXL Freshmen class.

So imagine my surprise when I saw Lil B with Phonte, Jean Grae and 9th wonder on the board,  it made me scratch my head for full 5 minutes. But I have to say I really like this song, perhaps there is more to Lil B then what meets the eyes.

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