Classic Album : Binary Star – Waterworld

If you don’t know rap group Binary Star don’t feel ashamed, and if you do know the group props to you. Binary Star was a short-lived rap group that was composed of One Be Lo (a.k.a. OneManArmy) and Senim Silla from Michigan. They only released 2 albums as a group (the second album was essentially just a remixed version of Waterworld). Both were albums were critically acclaimed even though both didn’t sell very much.  The two formed Binary Star during their time in Hiawatha Correctional Facility.

Waterworld was entirely produced by Trackezoids on a $500 budget and released in 1999, under the label Terrorist Records, I have no idea who Trackezoid is if I’m being honest, but what a wonderful job he did. From bangers like “Conquistadors” to easy to listing songs like “Freakin Flowz”.Waterworld has a lot of good songs with different topics, for example “Indy 500” they rap about the industry and how it always tries to fuck over the artist and how rigged the game is. In “Glen Close” it’s about how some chicks can get a little crazy after a breakup. “The Evolution Of Man” is probably the deepest hip hop love songs out there without it being all icky.

Then you have “Slang Blade” probably most famous song of the album, not because it came on TV or anything but most heads just know this one. The beat is beyond human it makes your face go “hhmpff”, you know that look right? The look you get as if you smell something bad but at the same time you bounce your head as if it is a bubble-head.

And then you have “Reality Check”, “Reality Check” is ( I know I say it a lot but)  truly is one of my all time favorite tracks, it’s ridiculous the intro, the piano, the beat and rhymes it got the whole package. Words can’t describe how I felt when I heard “Reality Check” for the first time, I got freaking goosebumps when the beat goes in after piano piece . My mind was blown immediately knew that this song would be a classic for me.

So I can easily say that Waterworld is a classic album and that you really should check it out!

Fun fact : eLZhi is also on this record (on the song “The KGB”.)

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