What Grinds My Gear : Facebook Edition

Yeah it’s that time, I already warned you guys that I’m gonna rant a lot. It’s just that I have a lot of pet peeves,  I can’t even call it pet peeves but truly hardcore hate. And I know it isn’t healthy to hold it all in, so I’m just gonna air it all out. Some people will might say but Eddie why pay attention, why are you in other people business, who died and made you boss? Your right nobody made me boss, but if people have the right to do dumb shit and act like total douchebags, then it’s my God-given right to bash the sweet baby Jesus out of it. So I’m gonna warn you yet again, if you get easily offended stop reading. And if you still going to read this and still get pissed well then I really don’t give a crapcake. Now as you can see in the title (which I bluntly stole from family guy), I’m going to talk about Facebook.

Let my start by saying that I like Facebook, its a great time killer instead of doing work or homework. That being said there are a lot of  stupid people on it, stupid people doing stupid stuff, And if there is one thing I hate it’s stupidity. I made a little list let’s gooo:

– Pictures of food you made. Congratulations you just managed to do what a freaking blind person is capable of but I don’t see him making pictures of it, well he can’t but you catch my drift right. Look if it’s some kind of masterpiece or you can see Maria or Jesus in it then cool. If not? Then don’t fucking bother.

– People sending or posting stupid useless chain mail / spam status updates, I’m not talking about hacked accounts, you can’t help that. No I’m talking about this kind of bullshittery :

” This year July has 5 Fridays 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays this happens once every 823 years this is called money bags, which is real term no lie. So copy this to your status and money will arrive within 4 days. Based on Chinese philosophy of feng shui. Those who read but not copy will be without money. So let’s all try our luck!!”

To those people  I say are you dense? Did your momma or poppa drop you when you were little? Do you ride that little yellow bus to school? Do you have 1 too many chromosome. It’s people like you who make me go fucking apeshit. How many damn times did you tried it? And did it work the first 30000th time you Cuntnugget? It’s people like you who ruin Facebook for the normal people Asswhipe.

– Liking your own post. I’m not even gonna talk about it I’ll do Bill Maher do the talking

– Quizzes. You know those quizzes who ask questions about your friends on your profile. Yeah I hate those too. First of all it fuck ups my entire timeline because if one person does it, the rest follows as sheep. Cuz God forbid you have an opinion on your damn own. But that’s not even the problem, the problem is when people, people who you haven’t spoken in years or met one time on a drunken night are answering those questions about you. What makes you capable of answering those questions? Since when did you get to know me so well that you got the right to answer those questions. You don’t know shit about me so stop acting like you do.

Campaign updates. Again I’m not going to waste my time over this one plus I have a feeling Maddox is a bit better in destroying dumb shit like this :

Well that’s all for today and remember don’t be a douche!

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