Beat Tape : Willie Evans Jr – Billy Lotion

I have no idea who this cat is if I’m being honest with you guys, but he’s got the Internetz buzzin right now so I had to check this tape out and boy I’m a glad I did. It’s crazy he used Aloe Blacc “Good Things” album and choped the shit outta it and creating this bad ass beat tape.

“The good people over at High Water Music asked me to stop playing Tekken 6 long enough to explain/talk about Billy Lotion. Billy Lotion is essentially the product of Sucio Smash letting me hear Aloe Blacc’s most recent album and then saying “What if you made a beat cd out of this album?” After listening to (and being blown away by) the album I sat down, partook of the shrubbery and made beats. It’s pretty much that simple. This is basically a pet project that, through the magic of the ‘SucioPrism’ is now in your hard drive and hopefully on your phone/ipod/pad/blah. Please enjoy. And buy 1000 copies of my next album. I’m obligated to say that. But do it though.” – Willie Evans Jr.


01 BlackBlack (NoTakeBack)
02 DollarBill
03 FemmeEwoks
04 ForcedGrin
05 Fortune500
06 GreenishLights
07 GurdThangs
08 HardLife (CreamedCorn)
09 HeavyBeThereBrutha
10 IfIfWasAFif
11 MomfordAndSon
12 RapGames


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