Soul Sunday : Betty Wright

Yeah you know what time it is,  I noticed that I haven’t had a female artist on Soul Sunday series so let me start with one of my favorite female artist Betty Wright!

Born in a large family, Betty Wright was youngest of seven children. She started her career at age two when her siblings formed the gospel group, the Echoes of Joy. At age twelve she was signed to a label and released the singles “Thank You Baby” and “Paralyzed”.  She was fourteen when her debut album My First Time Around came out.

Betty Wright achieved a lot of things in her career and worked with a lot of artist as a singer but also as a vocal coach, she’d also done vocal production for  artists such as, Joss Stone, Jennifer Lopez and Diddy’s Danity Kane. But she wrote History by being the first black female artist to score a gold album on her own label Miss B Records, for the 1988 album Mother Wit.

Betty Wright is great artist! Here are a few of my favorite Betty Wright songs:

One most famous Betty Wright Songs, especially the live version which included  portions of Wright’s 1970 hit, “Pure Love”. I grew up listing to the Betty Wright Live album on LP, it’s one of my moms favorite albums. She loves this song and so do I :

Betty Wright was sixteen when she released this wonderful track:

Sampled by Apathy for “Guys & Girls” and apparently also by Beyoncé for the track “Upgrade U”:

Some feel good ish, now this is what real love is all about:

Last but definitely not least her classic signature song “Clean Up Woman”:

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