Cappadonna – Milk The Cow [Video]

Wow wow wow wow wow… This must be a record of some kind. “Milk The Cow” is a classic song from Cappadonna’s classic debut album The Pillage, which came out in 1998. As you might have figured out this video isn’t 13 years old, as of matter affect it was just released (as in 2 days ago). So yeah I was confused when this new clip showed up on the Web. But then I read the description box below the video and everything became clear.

“Cappadonna hooks up with Doggie Diamonds & M.Reck to film a video for his joint “Milk The Cow” off his debut album, “The Pillage”. It’s not a new song but this is the first installment to a series called “Forbez Flashback” Where ForbezDVD shoots videos for songs that should of always had videos”

It’s a pretty dope concept, I’m curious about how the rest of the series will turn out.

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