Owned By Music

I sat down with my homie Audiobully and he decided it was time for me to write about something that’s been a mutual friend of ours: Music.
Looking back I guess I was owned by music from the beginning. I started my life like every little boy. Loving cartoons, love getting into mischief and loving martial arts flicks.
As I got older music became more and more important. While some passions went away like collecting cards (what the hell was i thinking lol), others stayed and evolved into nearly taking over my life.
It nice to see when passions come together trough the art of music. This one is for all  my inspirations growing up as a kid.
Y’all made me what I am today (with an emotional almost crying voice)

– Soundwave


(Need I say more?)

Martial arts

(sick sick sick tune used by Dilated Peoples to make an other classic joint : Work the Angles)


(The boondocks, mixing hiphop music/culture with politcal statements, opinions bullshit and humor)

Getting into mischief

(What ever it is, I didn’t do it…..YOU CAN’T PROVE IT!!!)

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