Documentary: NY77 – The Coolest Year In Hell

It’s the year ’77, New York is a waste land and people are scared.
Murderers on the loose, people in chaos, a city on the brink of anarchy.
This sounds like an intro of a bad action movie but really it’s not.
In 1977 New York city was a mess, it was a dark city where nobody wanted to be.
The youth is uncontrollable and going crazy and the police department is a joke.
It’s during these times of crisis young people get together to create new ways of thinking and new ways of expressing.
Trough all this poverty and negativity the youth needed ways to express themselves.The punkrock culture, disco culture and hiphop culture are born.
Check out the documentary  NY77 – The Coolest Year In Hell, as it takes you trough the ups and downs in 1977, see what paths were created and what circumstances were needed to create these new forms of energy.A nice documentary in my book, where you can feel the pureness of artists from that era.

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