Getting Older : Blessing or Curse?

Man I’m gonna be honest with you guys.. I have the biggest hangover ever at the moment. It’s crazy a couple of years a go I could hit a 5th of jack, get 2 hours of sleep, wake up and I’d be fucking energized man! It was almost magical. Now when I wake up after a night of wild partying with a shitload of booze, coke and hookers (minus the coke and hookers), I’m a freaking mess, a sad excuse of a man. Walking around in my underwear like a fucking zombie, I’m not even exaggerating it’s really just sad. Fuck I miss those days… What am I even saying man, I’m 22 and I’m acting like an old douche, but its the damn truth time ain’t my buddy. And the funny thing is when I was younger? I couldn’t wait to get older, and now I just want to wait getting older. Now I know I’m not the only one thinking the same way. Why do you think most women stick at the age of 39?

I wish I had a time machine, not to change past mistakes or anything, mistakes are in life to learn from, although I wouldn’t mind skipping that lesson in Amsterdam mixing booze and Ibuprofen. That shit got messy real fast if you know what I mean, not a good time. But to trample my dreams as a kid. I’m joking around of course, I would go back to when I was 14 / 15 when I thought that getting old was cool. And slap the shit outta me and say “You feel that you little runt? Sucks right? So is getting older so enjoy every moment you fucking got”

Getting older sucks, you get responsibilities, gray hairs, a midlife crisis and every time you get up from your seat, you make those nasty ass noises, cuz your body is slowly falling apart. And of course the regrets that will haunt you for the rest of your life, unless you have dementia, which isn’t really an upside if you ask me (if you wasn’t suicidal before reading this I bet you are now, right?).

But getting older does have its privileges though, like staying up really, really late, buying booze, partying, getting your driver’s license (so I’ve heard), gaining experience (good or bad) through the years, you get to spend more time with your love ones, bringing life into the world and what not (really got my priority straight there).

So yeah getting older suck but is it that bad? Not really, getting older definitely has its advantages and can be a beautiful thing (if you do it gracefully, seriously skip the Botox) but more importantly: You need to get older to grow as a person, and that my friends, is what life is all about.. Right?

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