Mixtape : Max Tannone Presents – Ghostfunk (GhostFace Killah X Afrofunk)

Yeah here at Beats, Life And Rhymes we definitely dig Wu, but we live on Funk. You already heard how sweet Funk mixed with Wu-tang sounds. And now you can hear it again. Ghostfunk is a mashup made by Max Tannone (the guy behind the now classic Mos Dub, Dub Kweli and Jay-Z x Radiohead project blends), combining Ghostface classic acapellas with some sick ass Afro Funk.

It’s crazy how good it sounds, this isn’t a blendtape that was created on a boring afternoon. This blend is how a blend should be like, no off-key bullshit or poor choice of beats. So if you’re a Ghostface fan and you like Afro-funk or you want to try something new / different. Check this bad boy out!

Download the tape here.

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