Man, I woke up this morning and I don’t know why but for some strange reason I had the feeling I really needed to pack my suitcase and just leave.
The sun was shining trough my window and it felt like vacation.
Unfortunately  for me and fortunately for you guys I ain’t going anywhere. (who is gonna supply you with music while I’m gone?!)
So no heavy post or whatever this morning, just some nice tunes by some nice artists for all my people just waking up, my people wanting to go on a summer trip, my people on a summer trip and my working folks who are bummed out they are at work, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Roy Ayers – Sunshine

Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime

Mosdef & Dj Honda – Leaving on a jetplane / Travellin’ Man

Bonobo – Flutter

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