Album Checker : The Left – Gas mask

Motor City Detroit based hiphop trio The Left, dropped they’re debut album Gas Mask last winter.
Consisting out of producer Apollo Brown, Mc Journalist 103 and Dj Soko the crew is known for they’re aggressive flows, cuts and productions.
With Apollo Brown on the beats you know you’re in for some treats with nice vocals, sampled from blues, jazz en funk tracks, timeless cuts from Dj Soko and fresh lyrics with content by Journalist 103.
When I think about Detroit I imagine a grimy scenery, hard-working middle class folks who know how to earn a buck or two, and a hardcore hiphop scene.
This next track totally fits the picture, Real Detroit by The Left.

If you get the chance to cop this album DO IT, the album is overall really dope.
The whole album goes from hardcore beats like Real Detroit to smooth head nodding tracks like The Melody

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