Bronze Nazareth ft. RZA – Fresh From The Morgue

Hotdamn this track is incredible, I’m telling you this track right damn here is the fucking Truth. I literally jumped outta my seat and jumped up and down like a crazy person when I heard this track for the first time (5 minutes ago), but fuck it, it just means I’m feeling this track to the fullest.

Bronze Nazareth is the Wu-Tang affiliated producer / rapper from Detroit (but he came up in Grand Rapids). He along with Cilvaringz, 4th Disciple, True Master, Mathematics, Darkim Be Allah form Wu-Elements a production team closely affiliated with Wu-Tang. His solo debut was a classic, who was critically acclaimed but in my eyes deserves much more respect. You can expect a piece on that album soon.

For now check this track out. It’s from his upcoming album School For The Blindman. Out due September 13th.


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