Track of The Night: Joell Ortiz – Food For Thought [Video]

Brooklyn based rapper Joell Ortiz hooked up for this one with Spanish producers trio Cookin’ Soul and just went off on this next track.
Story telling to the fullest on a wicked beat, nice simple clip and a cool subject.
Rhyming about this subject ain’t nuthing new but when Joell Ortiz get’s on the mic your always in for a treat I can tell you that.
A huge fan of his older work and of his newer work Joell Ortiz always makes sure his rhyming is correct, the productions are dope and that its mad hiphop!!
If you are not familiar  with Ortiz check out his first album called The Brick: Bodega Chronicles or his latest album The Free Agent.
Representing the LyricalSuperForce  Slaughterhouse you definitely will hear more of Joell Ortiz and his crew!
In the meantime check out Food for thought and think about it… Just sit there in your chair and think about it…. Food for thought!


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