Cortez Fresh

Something different than music today ladies and gentlemen, but definitely not less important.
In the hiphop game it’s always important to come correct with fly gear.
From Dj’s to Bboy’s, from Mc’s to Writers, they will all tell you one thing, you gotta be fresh!
And what’s the most important asset to allot of hiphopheads? Your guesses are correct, the shoe.
Now everyone knows a thing or two about the Jordans and  Shelltoes, but i have the strange feeling not everybody knows what kind of an impact the Cortez had on the hiphop scene.

Check out 1 of 3 little documentary’s Nike dropped about the Cortez, in this video you’ll see people talking about the shoe and what it ment to them and their community.
Check out how people like Mr.Cartoon and Ken Swift looked at the shoe back while growing up.



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