Documentary: From Mambo To Hiphop

To get a better understanding of the culture we call hiphop it’s important that we study the history.
For a lot of people hiphop is just rap music, of mc-ing what you see on the T.V.
For us here at Beats Life And Rhymes that’s a big misunderstanding.
Hiphop IS a culture and has a HISTORY, it HAS a deeper message than “bitches, wheels and cash”.
To give you guys a little bit of a better understanding I will be dropping another classic must see documentary called:” From Mambo To Hiphop”.
This documentary talks about the Latin influences in hiphop from back in the days and how things came together  for the Latin community back in New York.
The documentary consists out of Latin music, Latin influences and Latin culture in hiphop and the twist from mambo to hiphop!
Check out the documentary down below spread over 6 clips.
Enjoy and be on the look out for more documentary’s on Beats Life And Rhymes to update your knowledge about this thing we call hiphop!




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