Documentary: 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s

As promised I will be droppin’ some interesting documentary’s about the hiphop culture and other cool stuff we at beats life and rhymes are interested in.
80 Block’s From Tiffany’s is a documentary about the gangs that used to run New York City, and how they changed the street scene and street culture forever.
In this documentary you will see how hiphop got his rugged and raw mind state and hardness.
In this documentary you will see some of the  bricks that build the culture we call hiphop, combine that with the bricks from “Mambo to hiphop”(see previous post) and you will have a better understanding of this culture and where things come from.
Watching 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s I can’t help it but to get the same feeling I got when I watched The Warriors, only difference is, this is real.
Enjoy and make sure to come back for more gems!

For better quality be sure to cop the dvd!

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