Lone Wolf And Cub

Today something completely different from music ladies and gents, COMICS!
Or actually in this case manga.
I wanted to talk to you about an old but really dope manga series called Lone Wolf And Cub.
The story is about a samurai who was betrayed and his infant son, who roam japan as muscle for hire.
They walk the earth with their own path of loyalty and honor.
It’s a real intriguing story spread over 28 volumes that are published by Dark Horse. There are also various movies out based on the stories.
Funny thing is I was reading one of the volumes and while reading it I thought to myself ” yo, this sounds mad familiar, isn’t this wu tang?”
It’s the first part of the track that was sampled from Lone Wolf And cub. (obviously the cub chose the sword)

Check it out and be enlightened , you might actually like the series and come to understand that manga and comics are not just for nerds!
I mean if Wu Tang can use it, how nerdy can it be right?

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