Owned By Music II

What up y’all, as you might or might not recall, the name of my first post on this blog was “Owned By Music.”
It was somewhat of a dedication to whatever  inspired me to do what I did growing up.
Nowadays allot of things I do are intwined  with music because I either choose it or it’s basically that way by accident.
It’s also really dope to see other artists, that use music as an inspiration for they’re art forms.
It’s even more dope when you can see it and translate it.
By translating it I mean actually seeing and understanding where the inspiration came from in order to relate to it. Of course you can’t fully understand what the artist his main inspiration was but when music or music elements are involved it’s dope to see how the story comes together.
The piece featured in this post is a piece I saw during the museum night in the city.
This is an evening where museums are open till late  and for a symbolic fee you could get in to all the museums in the city, it was my first time going to this event and I really enjoyed it.
I don’t know who made the piece but big ups to whoever made this piece and keep em coming!

While looking at this piece I saw something really nice.
Starting from the top left it says ” Got”, while moving on to the piece you’ll see the words “Seven Mac” in the gun and the number 11.
If you know Gangstarr (R.I.P. Guru) you will immediately recognize the line :” I got seven mac elevens”, after that you will see the numbers 8, 38 and a mac10 machine gun, probably referring to the next line:”About eight thirty eights mac ten’s”. And the similarity doesn’t stop there on the bottom of the piece you will see the line “Shit will end” referring to the line”Man, the shit never end”. And last but not least in the middle you’ll see a Wallace gun with a flag sticking out off it with the word BANG, referring to the line: “And i’m from Christopher, Bitch, Bang with the Wallace!”
The song I keep referring to is obviously Who got Gunz by Gangstarr featured on the album The Ownerz.
There will be probably more references  but I can’t spot em all, so for all you happy readers out there try to find all of them while listenin’ to this next joint : Who Got Gunz by Gangstarr ft M.O.P. & Fat Joe

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