T.V. Show : ThunderCats

Thunder Cats Hoohh, who doesn’t remember the classic cartoon ThunderCats? Well if you don’t you have a chance to check it out again. Like anything that was ever cool in our childhood, they’ve rebooted it. But I gotta be honest it’s pretty good, it premiered yesterday on Cartoon Network. Which means for us European folks you can coughdownloadcough it since this morning. Either you knew it since your childhood or never saw it in your life, it’s definitely worth to check it out. Check the trailer for a little taste. And remember you’re never to old for your innerchild.

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Philanthropist, Street Poet, Musical Genius & lvl 58 Dark Elf Wizard.

3 responses to “T.V. Show : ThunderCats”

  1. ladymoomcr says :

    Love this new series, they’ve done it justice !

  2. Anonymous says :

    Total awesomenesssss been waiting for a while for this one! (Tijn)

  3. Audiobully says :

    They really did I like the wa they are heading, Have you watched it Tijn?

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