Documentary: Just For Kicks

What up people of the good life, how are y’all doing this fine afternoon?!
As promised we will be droppin’ some dope documentaries about stuff that we at beats life and rhymes like.
Today I have the documentary Just For Kicks on the menu.
Just like the other documentaries posted in earlier posts I believe that this is a must see movie and will enlighten allot of people.
Just For Kicks is a fun, a not heavy to digest, easy approachable type of documentary.
As you might have guessed based on the title, it’s a movie about sneakers, the sneaker culture and sneaker heads.
Some of you might think:”Hhhhmmmmm… a movie about sneakers? how can you fill a movie about sneakers?”, well, let me just tell you that it is possible, it is interesting and if you just give it a moment of your time you will be convinced to.
Ladies and gentlemen, without no further ado i would like to present to you: JUST FOR KICKS!!!!

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