Wait, Funky What?!

Yo people not a music post but a honest question, this might sound crazy but does a funky burger sounds tasty to you guys?!
The word funk is not always the word you use to describe something good, or to describe a music genre.
When you look up the word funky  in the dictionary you will find two definitions.
1) Having a moldy or musty smell: funky cheese; funky cellars.
2) Having a strong, offensive, unwashed odor.
Okay, now knowing this, I will ask you guys again, would you like to have a funky burger?!
I was in the city centre today because I had some stuff to take care off while suddenly I saw this food diner  with the most stupid name ever, I mean, if your english is correct.
Check out this picture I had to take for you guys.

I mean “Pure Funky Burgers”?!?!
Naaah thanks i’ll pass on this one!!!
Enjoy the rest of your day people and be sure to not eat at Burgerz, Home Of The Pure Funky Burger!

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One response to “Wait, Funky What?!”

  1. Niek Dekker says :

    “Check it this picture I had to take” Ok ok ok.

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