Sampled: Ready For Re-use

What up everybody today we are back with another Sampled: Ready For Re-use.
Today I will be focussing on one artist, go over various tracks of this artist and the samples used for the tracks, a little bit different than what you guys are used to but still fresh as hell!
So let’s start off with our main man hailing from the westcoast Dr.Dre.
Dr.Dre is wel known throughout the whole music industry for his nice beats and funky sample work.
Check out some of his work and the originals you might not have known.




Bill Withers – Grandma’s hands, mad soulfull and just easy to listen to.

You probably recognized it from the first strokes on mr. Withers guitar, of course Dre used this one in Blackstreet’s No diggity

2nd up is Joe Cocker with Woman to Woman, a nice joint with a dope voice to go over it.

And of course you will hear California Love in the tune.

Check out the next one done by Charlez Aznavour called: Parce Que Tu Crois

And the Dr.Dre one ft Xzibit, Eminem – difference between me and you

Last but not least we have Hollywood Hot by The Eleventh Hour

Dre used this one for a track for his movie The Wash ft Snoopdogg.
The track he made is called bad intensions featuring Knoc Turn’al.

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