Back Again

Yeahh it’s good to be back baby. It’s  been crazy busy the last few days with the move. I’m still not finished but the most important thing is already done, hooking up my PC. 4  Days without a PC and Internet is hell these days man. But I got to be honest with you guys it kinda felt good after a while, I’ve done more shit the last few days then I’ve ever did (figuratively speaking of course). It’s funny being disconnected from the Web made me more connected to the world, I highly suggest to do the same if you can. You’ll feel liberated for a while (After the panic settles down), it’s like a mini vacation or something.That being said I did miss updating the blog and  really want to thank the homie Soundwave for holding up the fort while I was gone by posting nothing but dope shit (as expected).

Perhaps I’m jumping the gun, if  you hadn’t notice my absent then please ignore this text and just enjoy the tracks .

About Kidd STRΔNGE

Philanthropist, Street Poet, Musical Genius & lvl 58 Dark Elf Wizard.

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