Aaarrrgghh Damn Thursdays!

A not so sunny morning today because it’s not Friday, that means you gotta work tomorrow or do shit, it’s not Monday, so you haven’t had a good weekends rest.
It’s that sticky icky jicky day in between.. Damn Thursdays!
At Beats Life And Rhymes we believe in making lives brighter, easier and just a little bit more pleasant, even on Thursdays, so here are some tracks for you to wake up by!
Just pump up the volume and rock away with some dope sounds for this Thursday morning y’all.

You think you have it rough?! Mah boy Biggie got paged at 5:46 In the morning, crack of dawning had him yawning.

For all those people who need good alarm clock music, bang along beats like a bom dropped to it, check Dilated Peoples out.

And sometimes we just want to wake up a whole country, Africa for instance with the brothers Nas and Damian Marley.

After hearing these incredibly nice sounds to wake up with, you can’t say we didn’t try to help you get up the right way this Thursday morning yo!
If your feeling down or what ever, suck it in! Tomorrow is friday and you can go all out and shit!
Enjoy your day people, I know I will!!

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One response to “Aaarrrgghh Damn Thursdays!”

  1. Niek Dekker says :

    Haha, that actually did help me start my day. Good music!

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