Documentary: Style Wars

With a nasty name like Style Wars you just have to come correct, and that is just what Henry Chalfant and Tony Silver did with this documentary.
Style Wars is yet another one of the many documentary must sees (in my opinion), about one of the four Hiphop art forms.
In Style Wars you will take a journey through the underground world of the graffiti writers in New York, you will see what the writers went through and what tremendous risk they took to be able to put their pieces on the trains. See what the police and the government did to try and stop them and see what the parents  of these street artists went through.
Wether you love graffiti or not, wether you think it’s garbage or not, this documentary will most definitely teach a thing or two and might even give you appreciation for the writers.
The thing I love most about this documentary is that the kids (now grown men of course) in this documentary talk with so much passion about the thing that they do.
They have mad love for graffiti and the energy with what they do it is just incredible, the whole mind state I think is some what admirable.
Check out the whole documentary in 5 part on the page.
Enjoy, learn and appreciate!





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