BlackGold: Wutang And Jimi Hendrix

What up readers of the beats life and the rhymes, today we have another great mixtape for your ears and sorry, I can’t help it, I hear you thinking Wutang again?! Again and again!
It’s just so fresh that I can’t help but to share this with my fine people here!
This time Mr.Tom Caruana mixed some fine fine Jimi Hendrix with some raw raw Wutang.
You might know Tom Caruana from his earlier mixtape where he did The Beatles together with Wutang.
I thought this mixtape was extremely well put together and enjoyed it from front to back.
There really is not much to say except that you download it quickly before it’s gone!
For the free download click HERE, the file will also include some various art covers as well as the original one.

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2 responses to “BlackGold: Wutang And Jimi Hendrix”

  1. Spacin'jason says :

    Me likey, I think Jimi had the chemically Induced forethought to make in from the storm track fer the Wu. Nice.

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