Sampled: Ready For Re-Use

What up people of the good life!
Hope your doing good this fine Saturday afternoon.
We haven’t done a Sampled Ready For Re-Use in a while so here we go again!
I remember looking for this sample  and giving up on it because I couldn’t find it, then weeks later finding it by accident it made my day.
It’s not a big secret we here  at Beats Life And Rhymes love funk, soul and hiphop music, so to find original songs that where used to make beats we now vibe on is a great feeling.
Today we have a song by Mr. Billy Paul who you guys probably know from his number one hit “Me And Mrs. Jones”.
He made a song called “Think Twice, It’s Alright”, which was sampled by Exile for the track “Samsonite Man” from Fashwan’s album Boy Meets World. The vocals from Billy Paul where used amazingly and the beats is extremely  nice!
Enjoy you Saturday afternoon with two fresh songs!

Billy Paul – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright 
Fashawn ft Blu – Samsonite Man

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