Soul Sunday: The Soul Children

It’s that time of the week again party people, it’s Sunday so that means Soul Sundays at Beats Life And Rhymes (well… when we feel like it though).
Today we got a group with a name that doesn’t leave much to the imagination when it comes to the music genre, of course i’m talking about The Soul Children.
The Soul Children were put together by none other than Isaac Hayes and David Porter, who had the idea of combining two male and two female singers.
After Sam & Dave left Tennessee Stax Records, The Soul Children where formed with Norman West, John Colbert, Anita Louis and Shelbra Bennett to fill the gap that Sam & Dave left.
The first time the group surfaced was with the track called “Give Em Love” back in 1968.
The group continued making classic songs but ended up being a trio, due to the fact that John Colbert left the group.
There is not much I can ad to the story, expect that I really love the music by The Soul Children.
It’s that classical soul sound with pain in the voices allot of heart in the music and allot of emotion all the way.
Enjoy these songs by The Soul Children and have a Soulful Sunday y’all!

I’ll Be The Other Woman

The Sweeter He Is

Can’t Let You Go

It’s Out Of My Hands

Give Em Love

Kindness For Weakness

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