Daft Punk – Insterstella 5555

What up people of the good life, I hope life is threatening you guys wonderful and good.
Today I have something none Hiphop, none R&B and none jazzy for you but of course funky never the less.
In 2001 electro-house duo Daft Punk released they’re album Discovery, with this album they released a few singles.
The cool thing about these singles was that every song had a video clip and every video clip was a part of one big anime called Interstella 5555.
Back in the days I only saw three video clips and was always curious about the other video clips and the story of course.
With the amazing discovery of internet my younger self went absolutely bananas when I saw the full version of Interstella 5555 a few years back and of course I had to share it with you guys.
Some might know it, for some this will be completely new all I can say is that i really like the music and really digg the idea of making one big anime out off 14 music video clips.
What more can i say?!
Enjoy the full version of Interstella 5555 and the amazing  music of Daft Punk this wonderfull thursday afternoon!

– Soundwave

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