Beats, Life and Rhymes presents : Weektape I

So yeah people here is a new thing that we at Beats, Life and Rhymes were working on. Every week we will drop a little playlist which we will stream online, so you could listen to it at work or just at home.  It’s a work in progress so we might change site or create mixtapes that you could download, but for now we’re gonna use Grooveshark to create an online playlist.So what can you expect for the weektape? Good music baby just good music, one week it can be strictly Hip Hop the next week House or just a mix of all kinds of music. The number of songs in the playlist can vary also but it will be a minimum of 15 songs. So are you excited? Cuz we are. Let’s start the show!

For this week we have a playlist with couple of end of the week, getting ready for a party type music going on. A fresh selection with some House, Electronic and other genres I quiet can’t describe (yeah I know). Anyway down below you have the tracklist and link to the online stream playlist, enjoy!

  1. Jamie Woon – Lady Luck
  2. SBTRKT – Something Goes Right ft. Sampha
  3. SBTRKT – Wildfire Remix ft. Yukimi (Little Dragon) & Drake
  4. Simbad – Soul Fever ft. Steelo
  5. Allen Hoist – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holla)
  6. Jazztronic – Samurai
  7. Clara Hill – Paperchase ft. Vikter Duplaix
  8. Vanessa da Mata – Baú
  9. Ben Westbeech – Slowly
  10. Stevie Wonder – Uptight (Freddie Joachim Mix)
  11. Red Astaire – Follow Me
  12. 4Hero – Hold It Down
  13. Ty – Wait a Minute
  14. Katalyst – What Bout Us ft. Steve Spacek
  15. Ryan Leslie – Zodiac



About Kidd STRΔNGE

Philanthropist, Street Poet, Musical Genius & lvl 58 Dark Elf Wizard.

3 responses to “Beats, Life and Rhymes presents : Weektape I”

  1. TijN says :

    lkkr lkkr heur

  2. TijN says :

    Lkkr lkkr heurrrr

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