Soul Sunday : Rose Royce

It’s Sunday so you know what’s up, Soul Sunday is back to drop nothing but some good soulful music. It’s been a while since I did a real SS piece instead of a Lite version, I was real busy and life was being a bitch as usual so I wasn’t in the mood to write. But I’m not so busy now and life is still a bitch, I don’t see that changing any time soon so I’m gonna man the fuck up and stop  being so damn lazy. So who do we got for this fine ass Sunday? The soul / RnB super group Rose Royce.

If you’re Soul lover I bet 50 bucks that you know them already, Their first album Carwash (who was also the soundtrack from the movie “Carwash”) was a huge hit, especially the hit single Carwash (I’m sorry if  this is confusing). I remember my dad always playing this album, He was a huge fan of the movie, starring Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Antonio Fargas, The Pointer Sisters and many more. Saw the movie ones, liked it but wasn’t a super fan if I’m being honest.

The Los Angeles-based 9 headed group started around ’73 as back when members of several backup bands from the Watts and Inglewood areas of Los Angeles united under the name Total Concept Unlimited. They toured in Japan and the U.K. with Edwin Starr.They started working with Norman Whitfield. After that they found a female lead singer (Gwen Dickey) which brought the group to a new level.

After Carwash the group still maintained a certain level of success, but after their third album the group never gained the status that their previous songs did. That being said they still had a good run and created a lot of amazing songs. So let’s get down to business and check out some of their classic songs, starting with their arguably greats hit:

Love this track, also sampled for Cam’ron track Oh Boy.

Another great classic, that just makes me smile.

This is from their later work, but still really, really dope. You could hear it at the  ending credits of Entourage and the song is also sampled by the dutch rapper / producer GMB.

Again a classic.

Better than the Beyoncé cover if you ask me.

Yes you are. Love this tune.

Alright with this one we end our Soul Sunday for today, as always have a good week and we will see you next time!



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