Track of The Night : Bilal – Think It Over

We keeping it Soulful today at BL&R, for The Track of The Night we have the amazing track Think It Over by Bilal off his latest album Airtight’s Revenge. This one is definitely my favorite off the album so check it out hopefully you like it too. Ow and while we at it check out the acoustic version of Think It Over it’s crazy dope.

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2 responses to “Track of The Night : Bilal – Think It Over”

  1. whatsnormality says :

    This is great! It’s a good, chill song, but better than back ground music. That is essentially the kind of music that my ipod consissts of. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Audiobully says :

    Ah dope glad to hear you like it, your ipod has pretty good music then! It’s what we try to do here at BL&R connecting with people by sharing good music, so thank you for commenting and checkin us out. Stick around we will drop more good music!

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