Beat Tape : The Audible Doctor – The Spread E.P. (+Vocal Version)

A year a go I didn’t know who The Audible Doctor was, until I heard one track he produced, just one. A track we just posted recently, a track that by far was the best song on the album off Joell Ortiz latest album Free Agent, I think you already know, it was Joell Ortiz’s Battle Cry.  So after hearing that master piece I decided to check out Audible Doctor hoping to hear more dope beats, I was browsing through Youtube and I stumbled on this Beat Tape. I really liked it so I wanted it on mp3. So I went to The Audible Doctor site, looking for a download link and lucky enough I did for two version even. One was the original Instrumental and the second a Vocal Version, the funny thing of the Vocal Version is that it was a competition.

The Audible Doctor Presents: The Spread EP (Vocal Version). For those that missed it, The Spread EP is an instrumental project consisting of 7 beats released as a free download with the idea that anyone could download the instrumentals, record to them as they like and then send their songs to THESPREADEP@GMAIL.COM for an opportunity to have their song released by The Audible Doctor as the Vocal Version of the EP. Well the winners of the have been picked and the Vocal Version is here (with 2 bonus remixes & all the instrumentals). Enjoy the project and if you missed your chance to submit a song for this EP no worries, The Spread EP Vol. 2 is coming later this year.

That’s the dopest thing ever right? Giving upcoming Artist the chance to shine, that’s mad dope.The Audible Doctor is alright in my book, not sure if that means anything for anyone though.

So click here to go to his site (which is real nice by the way) and go download this musical tenderness for your ears. There are also other project you can download, definitely worth the download.

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