Gooood Morning Monday!

What up morning early birds, rise and shine it’s that time of the week again, MONDAYS!
We all hate ’em but we all have to deal with ’em .
To start your Mondays off with a blast, we at Beats Life And Rhymes will try to fill your morning cup up with some freshness that will keep you going for the rest of the day!
Enough talk, lets get the music flowing this fine morning!

Alright let’s start the day with a good vitamin pill provided by Beat Junkies/Dilated Peoples own Dj Babu.
After waking you guys up with that alarm clock music by Babu we will continue with some “Aaaaah, let’s drink some coffee ” type of music.

It’s not the first of the month but we’re close enough in my book.
Check out Bone Thugs -N- Harmnoy’s First Of The Month, a nice joint from the era when they where actually dope!

Wherever your waking up, I bet it’s better than waking up, shackled  from head to toe in a county jail.
Check out how Freddie Gibbs deals with his morning stress in the track County Bounce.

In this life you better wake up is a message by Gangstarr and SnoopDogg, listen to what they have to say In This Life.

Last but not least we got Joe Budden and Mr. Probz letting you know it’s still a long way to go, the only thing you can do is man up and face Monday, kick it’s ass and move on to the next day!
Hope that this music gave you guys some good energy cuzz it sure as hell helped me on my way!
Peace y’all!!!!

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