What Grinds My Gear

I thought it was gone, I thought i could be a happy normal person, I thought wrong Dum Dum Dum.. I should’ve known better my pet peeves will never leave me, they just hide in the dark where I put the rest of my feelings, bottled down way down. So I’ve been doing my thing for a while now, being all calm and whatnot but you know how it goes if you bottle shit up it will eventually pop and sweet not-so-virgin Mary it popped. You know the deal here is a little list that makes me lose my shit.



You know what grinds my gear? Dog Shit,  now I’m no dog expert but I had Biology in High-School so I understand that dogs need to take a shit, I don’t have a problem with that. But what I do have a problem with is, dog shit on the  curb or even worse in front of my fucking house. I swear to freaking God, what kind of sick human being are you that you let your pet shit in front of somebody’s house. Where are your morals man? And it’s not like the dogs don’t have a park or anything, so why are you letting your filthy mutt shit in front of MY HOUSE. I swear if I ever found out who you are, I’ll stalk you till I know where you live and shit in front of your raggidy ass home, I don’t even care if it’s a apartment I’ll shit the fuck outta it. I’ll even eat Indian food so I can spray your whole fucking door, you rude motherfucker.

You know what also grinds my gear? Youtube Comments , if there is anyway to reflect the sad, sad state of humanity then Youtube Comments will do perfectly. Even on the Internet standard there are a whole lotta dumb fucks on Youtube, seriously 98 % of the comments  are utter shit. After reading Youtube comments for 5 minutes, I just lay in a Fetal position in the shower cuz I feel violated. It’s funny not only are they beyond retarded they’re also not original for example: If I’m checking a rap song on Youtube, that isn’t commercial and is simply said good, there is always and I mean always some poor loser trying to convince others he only listens to good shit like this instead of [insert wack ass rapper who is pretty popular at the moment here] or you see a list of top 5 rappers that always consist of Eminem,Jay-Z,  Pac and / or Biggie, I always cringe when I see that, I mean dawg did you just copy and paste that sad ass list? Seriously how can you post that list beneath a Dilla track or a Little Brother track, they’re totally different kind of artist did you even listen to the track? I hate to bite but, C’mon Son! Oh and sweet mother of baby Jesus don’t let me start with soul music, you don’t know how much I go through for a Soul Sunday post. At every freaking video you see this shit ; ” I’m 13 and I only listen to old school music like this instead of that gay fucker Bieber or Lady BlaBla, Music back then was soooo much fucking better,  look at me I’m so fucking cool, right guys, right?…Please love me”  Now I might have power phrase that a bit, but you get the message. Little dude(tte) I’m happy for you that you listen to good music and all that but please stop posting shit like that I fucking beg of you, not only is it corny, it’s also not correct. Yeah there is a lot of garbage being made, that’s getting way too much attention then it should have. But that’s just a piece of the real shit being made at the moment. Turn of the T.V. and Radio, go online you’ll find dozen of artist that are amazing.

And you know what really grinds my gear? Katie fucking Holmes, I can’t stand the bitch. And I know my mom raised me better than this but I can’t help it. I just wanna smack that smug little face of hers. I fucking hate Dawson’s Creek by the way, stupid fucking show that made her fucking famous.

The last one was a joke (not really). No what really grinds my gear, like fucking really? Smart Dumb Nigga’s, if you haven’t heard of this extraordinary phenomenon I suggest you check out Katt Williams’s The Pimp Chronicles. If you don’t have the time or you’re simply just lazy ; A Smart Dumb Nigga is a person (being black isn’t a criteria) who isn’t really that bright but thinks he or she is. There is nothing worse than a dumb motherfucker acting all smart, trying to be deep and shit. Son listen, using big words in a sentence doesn’t make you smart, especially if you used it wrong. So go back to your one syllable,Tarzan like, simple ass vocabulary, better yet stop talking, like for ever. Cuz you’re fooling nobody with that shit.  I want to stab my fucking eyes out every time a read a Facebook update that means to be all deep and shit about life and struggles or whatever. The sad thing with that shit is, that I don’t understand what the fuck that chromosome lacking fucker is trying to say cuz Little BooBoo can’t write for shit (I’m one to talk right?).  A perfect example of a Smart Dumb Nigga:

If she ever gets to be President it will be the end of the world. She is the fucking Anti-Christ of dumb motherfuckers.


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Philanthropist, Street Poet, Musical Genius & lvl 58 Dark Elf Wizard.

One response to “What Grinds My Gear”

  1. Victor says :

    Bachmann is hilarious

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