Beats, Life and Rhymes presents : Weektape III

Yessir another Friday another Weektape, this time we have a little something something I like to call the a prequel for the best compilation Tape ever.  Beginning of this year I dropped a Tape with the best, dopest Songs / Artists of 2010 and called it Eddie’s Draft 2010. People kinda liked it so I decided to make it an Annual thing, now the year is far from over but we’re getting there. So I’m already busy selecting the best from the best. My brother Soundwave came with an idea to post a prequel for the Draft and so here we are. Now mind you that I’m still busy selecting, so some songs at the Weektape might make it and others not.

Click here for the Weektape :  Link

And for those who didn’t check out Eddie’s Draft 2010, you can download it here

About Kidd STRΔNGE

Philanthropist, Street Poet, Musical Genius & lvl 58 Dark Elf Wizard.

2 responses to “Beats, Life and Rhymes presents : Weektape III”

  1. Niek Dekker says :

    Any chance dat we voortaan een zipje kunnen downloaden ergens? Gebruik geen grooveshark maain, maar tracks zijn dope!

  2. Audiobully says :

    Not sure man, moet ff kijken qua legal issues enzo maar zat er zelf ook wel over na te denken. Maar je kan het ook gwn afspelen zonder account toch? Anders heb ik het voor saus gedaan hahah. And thnx!

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