Mixtape: Logic – Young Sinatra

What up people today we have a mixtape done by the one they call Logic.
Logic has been putting in a lot of work lately and has been bumrushing the web with videos and singles, and yes finally he has released his mixtape called Young Sinatra.
Listening to the mixtape gave me the feeling this dude actually loves what he’s doing(duuh) compared to all the “you see how hard I am and how much I hate the world” type of Mc’s out there. His flows are relaxed the productions on the mixtape fit Logic’s voice and flow good and it just gives an all-round easy to digest sound.
If I had to describe Logic his sound on the mixtape I would say it’s that newschoolish mellow type of hiphop sound that has emerged out of the inner belly of hiphop.
Enough with the talk let’s go on with the listening.

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2 responses to “Mixtape: Logic – Young Sinatra”

  1. Niek Dekker says :

    So dope!

  2. soundwave says :

    Glad you liked it!

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