Evidence – It Wasn’t Me

I know me and my partners in crime here on BL&R have been talking allot about Evidence lately, but that’s because homeboy is one of the illest out right now in our book.
Evidence dropped the official clip for “It Wasn’t Me” and it’s craaaaaazzzzzyy, be sure to check out the whole project called Cats&Dogs.
Knowing that EV has a history in graffiti it still kinda came as a surprise that he openly admitted  in an interview that he was 50% of the infamous “BUKET” of the also infamous graffiti crew TKO.
For our sharped eye followers, you see EV rocking a “BUKET TKO” cap in the To Be Continued video.
This song is apparently about a crime he may or may not committed, and it’s a banger!
“Taggin’ Buket on the wall but never tatted on my body”
“My music and my graff live a separate lives, one get’s repaid the others paying the price”
It Wasn’t Me, easily one of the dopest joints on the album for me.
If this made you curious, check out TKO or WAR4 on youtube.

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