Food For Thought : Dreams

Its been awhile since I’ve written a real piece, for those who are saying good at the moment, eat a dick lol. What can I say I’ve been living life, meeting new and old friends, severing ties and makin new ones. Gaining experience good and bad,  I moved out, been working(out). So its easy to say I’ve been keeping myself busy the last few months.

So busy that I hadn’t had time to just relax sit down and think about whats next. Whats the next step.  And when I’m thinking about it what are my dreams / goals. It’s crazy man I can’t remember the last time I really thought about it.

Dreams / Goals are a beautiful thing it can be such a motivation boost, it can make you bigger then life if you have the right mindstate and a bit of luck. But to be honest most of the time we sit around dreaming / scheming / making plots but then do nothing about it. We set all kinds off goals for ourself everyday, not all big  some are the basic everyday things, do my homework after school, working out, eating healthy, not to kill your go workers / classmates. But even those are hard to keep (especially the not killing thing), let alone going after the big goals.

How come we, generally speaking of course, do that. I mean think about it, everyone always has that one thing, that one thing that they really wanted to do, a world trip, learning a new language, learning salsa or any kind of dance, learning how to play an instrument  but do we do it? Most of the time we don’t and we always regret it.

We always come up with lame ass excuses to cover up for the fact we didn’t do anything about it, and most of the time your friends see right through it so what’s the use right? Of course there can be a good reason for not being able to do kinds of stuff like be a singer if you are the most tone-deaf person in the whole fucking world, it might be a good idea to past that dream than yeah, I had a brief disturbing moment in high school thinking I could be a rapper, I quickly ditched that dream ( thank God) so I feel ya.

How about no time? That’s a classic how many times did you used that shit? Like “ Ahw man I really want to but you know how it goes? School and work is taking all my time you know?” But in the mean time, you still have time for party’s and bullshit( no B.I.G.).

So why do what we do? Is it because we’re scared to try achieving a goal we set for our self and failing in it? Or is it because we don’t know what will happened if we do achieve it? Or are we just lazy?

Perhaps I shouldn’t worry about it the who’s and why’s and just do it. In the words of the Mighty Mos Def “ Don’t talk about it, be about it!”

So what are my goals? I don’t really know, when I was younger I had it all figured out, I’d always use to say that when I would be 18 I’d had my driverslicence, move out my parents house, get in a decent college / university, study to become a lawyer. Sounds easy right?

Bro I’m 22 and  I ain’t got shit. No driverslicence, I’m attending a shitty ass college which is a nationwide joke (no really, people laugh when they hear which college I attend). I’m at the final years of college and I have no clue whatsoever what I’m going to do next.  Obviously I make my life sounds worse than it is (yep keeping saying that to yourself son), no really I’m having fun and life is good! And if everything fails, I could always get a job that involves a stripper pole and a thong. No shame in my game bro, no shame..

I’m not too worried about the future, cuz eventually I know I will be alright. And I do have some goals that I’m pursuing now, this blog is most definitely one off them, I will go through fire to achieve the goals I’ve set for it. And that’s the mindstate you need to have for all your goals, all that half-assed shit attempts isn’t going to get you anywhere. Believe me I was there a couple of years back, it’s like a black hole that will suck you in. You’ll set goals, don’t do shit about it, fail, feel like shit because of it and then stop trying for anything in your life. But you don’t got anyone to blame than your damn self, again first hand experience.

I find setting goals for myself one of the most important things in life cause without them what’s the use of living? At the end of the day me growing as a person is my purpose in life and I can’t achieve that without pushing myself to my limit but how can I push myself to my limit if I don’t have a goal?


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2 responses to “Food For Thought : Dreams”

  1. Niek Dekker says :

    So good. Needed a track like this today!

  2. TijN says :

    One of the most important things i learned is that to reach or to set out a goal requires to fulfill sub-goals. The good thing about sub-goals is that ur gaining confirmations/approvals on a frequent basis (like ur always happy to go a level up with Pokemon Red while the true goal is a freaking level 100 Charizard..). Keeps ya going; ergo motivation.

    Another thing is that fulfilling a goal (including sub-goals) will lead u to make new ideas, gaining more experience, broader insight, hence: making new goals.. and that’s a good thing cuz it makes people interesting, diverse and creative. For that u need to invest and what many ppl forget is that some of these sub-goals are a pain in the ass… My advice: don’t look at it as a major hurdle, but like a necessary step to take and to overcome.. like the most important ingredient to bake a freaking cake, knowing that if u put to little or to much of it, u’ll fuck up.

    Last but not least: the steps of setting out a goal, fulfilling it and creating a new one.. it’s basically all about progress; progress for the mind, body and soul (and hopefully i’ll see a part of that progress translated in a awesome positive bank account, just being honest). But u have to be open, accept defeats and u shouldn’t be afraid to change 180 degrees in sum situations. To reach a goal also means to take a chance, to get a chance involves a bit of luck, a bit of fate, but it’s also in ur own hands.. create the chance, u have to look for it, u have to invest in it.. It’s mad difficult i’ll tell u that, but certainly not impossible.. and hey a goal ain’t a goal if it’s not challenging right?

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