Storytellers : Nas – I Gave You Power

Rap and Storytelling go together like Peanutbutter and Jelly, Fried Rice and Chicken, Jack and Coke. I could go on and on and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do, Beer and Tequila, NFL game and Commercials, Toast and Butter, Lies and Politics, Talentless People and Reality T.V. and for my Dutch Peeps French Fries and Mayo! Okay that’s more than enough I guess.

On a serious note through the years there has been a lot off dope Storytelling songs and that’s what we are gonna focus on at our new segment Storytellers!

First up? Gotta be honest was hard to get started cause the first one will set the bar, we couldn’t do an easy classic like Children Story but I didn’t want to start with a track that might be unfamiliar. I fond I Gave You Power to be the best choice. Check out the description I blatantly stole from the Youtube link

“I Gave You Power” is a 1996 hip hop song by rapper Nas. It is often considered a standout song on his second album It Was Written. It is produced by DJ Premier, who samples “Theme Bahamas” by jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal for the song’s melody. The song’s lyrics are an extended metaphor in which Nas personifies a gun.

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