Track of The Night : James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream [Video]

It’s that time again, time to gear down and enjoy what the Night has to offer. I recently discovered James Blake and I’m glad I did. Just listen to this track man it’s fucking Genius, it’s mellow and it gives you the chills at the same time. The Wilhelm Scream is off James Blake’s  eponymous debut album. Fair warning don’t listen to the album if you’re depressed or something, cause it can be a bit heavy sometimes. But I loved it man it’s the perfect Soundtrack for the Night.

In case your wondering what the fuck a Wilhelm Scream is. Remember kids knowing is half the Battle!

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Philanthropist, Street Poet, Musical Genius & lvl 58 Dark Elf Wizard.

2 responses to “Track of The Night : James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream [Video]”

  1. TijN says :

    Sang.. dope dat Blake ook hier terechtkomt!

  2. Audiobully says :

    Hahah sowieso! Nothing is safe for BL&R, had al een vermoede dat je hem zou kennen btw hehe

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