Track of The Night : Little Dragon – Twice [Video]

Long busy day, so tired so tired… Time to relax by listening to some chill ass music. Hailing from Sweden the Electronic, Soul Synthpop Band has created quiet a name for themself over the years. They also worked with several Respected ARtist such as : SBTRKT, The Gorillaz, Raphael Saadiq, Big Boi and DJ Shadow. I’m not gonna lie and pretend I know them for years, I actually discovered them like a week ago or so but I really do enjoy their music. They recently released their Third Studio Album Ritual Union which is a mixture of the Soulfullness of their debut album and the upfront and danceable sounds of Machine Dreams, their second album.

Twice is off Little Dragon’s eponymous debut album, it’s an amazing track and the Video is just stunning, hope you will enjoy!

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