Mixtape: Mac Miller – I Love Life, Thank You

To celebrate his enormous fan base which reached 1 million on Twitter 2 weeks ago Mac Miller dropped a smooth smooth mixtape called I Love Life, Thank You.
Easily becoming one of the hardest working people in the industry Miller keeps his unique sound what to me can be considered as the sound for this era of Hiphop.
It’s that laid back, melodious, new school, easy to digest sound that works perfectly with the picture Mac Miller is creating through his music.

Not being a huge Miller fan I have to say that the tape has some dope collaborations, nice productions and some fresh tracks.
For me “All That” with Bun B and “Family First” with Talib Kweli really stood out on this mix.

1. I Love Life, Thank You (prod. Brandun Deshay)
2. People Under The Stairs
3. Willie Dynamite (prod. Big Jerm)
4. The Scoop On Heaven (prod. 9th Wonder)
5. Love Lost (prod. Black Diamond)
6. Pranks 4 Players (feat. Sir Michael Rocks)
7. Cold Feet (prod. Clams Casino) [listen]
8. Family First (feat. Talib Kweli) (prod. Like)
9. The Miller Family Reunion (prod. Big Jerm)
10. Boom Bap Rap (feat. The Come Up) (prod. Mac Miller & Big Jerm)
11. Just A Kid (prod. E Dan)
12. All That (feat. Bun B) (prod. E Dan)
13. All This (prod. E Dan)

DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE and check it out!

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2 responses to “Mixtape: Mac Miller – I Love Life, Thank You”

  1. Niek Dekker says :

    Track met Bun B is de shit. Talib ook echt keihard.

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