Mixtape : Fat Joe – The Darkside Vol. 2

After last year surprisingly good album The Darkside Vol. 1, Joey Crack is back with part 2 of this series as a Mixtape. And boy it’s good. Vol. 1 had a couple of bangers especially the track Valley of Death. All in all the album was good, not great! Just good, there were a few tracks that just didn’t do it for me and prevented the album from being great. Anyway the album surprised the shit outta me and it put Fat Joe back on my radar, hoping that the next project wouldn’t disappoint me and would be just as good as The Darkside Vol. 1.

Now is Vol. 2 just as good? Nope.. It’s better! Vol 2. is a real good album / tape, perhaps even great. I’m saying perhaps cause I need a couple more listens for I can make such a statement, but I’m pretty certain it is. The Darkside Vol. 2 is shorter than the previous Vol. but that just made it better, no more filler tracks that that fucks the album up. There is only one track I skip and the rest is between above average and ridiculous dope. My God there are some bangers on that tape it’s insane.

I’m really impressed with it and I will be pumping this one for a while longer. Don’t sleep on it and check it out!

1. Welcome To The Darkside (Feat. French Montana)
2. Dopeman (Feat. Jadakiss & Dre of Cool & Dre)
3. So Fly (Feat. Arland)
4. Big Business
5. Angels Say
6. Pushing Keys (Feat. Raekwon)
7. Drop A Body
8. My Lord
9. F**k Them Other Niggas
10. Around The World (Feat. Arland)


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