Drug Music

After posting up Drug Music a few months back, we felt like it was time to bring it out of the closet again.
Some of the best artist where druggies and used drugs or alcohol on a daily basis.
Why?! I don’t know, maybe they needed they high to be as genius as they where/are, maybe the were just weak or maybe they just like to get fucked up!
I don’t  know and quit frankly I don’t care, some of the best music ever made was under the influence of drugs, for instance the Santana performance on Woodstock, they were totally out of this earth but damn, did they put up a show or what!
Check out these next joints we selected for you guys and enjoy!
Spirit Of Atlanta – Freddie’s Alive And Well
De La Soul ft B-Real – Peer Pressure
The Roots – Water
Digital Planets – Nickel Bags

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