Planet Bboy Starring…Chris Brown, Josh Peck And Holloway?!

Well… to be honest, I’m glad they have the term Bboy in the title and didn’t call it “Planet Breakdancer”.
That being said, I honestly don’t know how this will work out and if this will work at all.
After digging up some information, its stated that the movie is inspired by a documentary  called  Planet Bboy, that was released a few years ago (Dope docu, def a must see!), which is a dope thing to me because people really sat down watched bboying on a level where it was displayed with skills and not performed by people 2 years deep in the game that don’t know jack shit.
So that’s the up side of the whole movie thing, a second is that bboying will get more recognition and will be displayed on the big screen.
That being said, that’s probably the only good that will come out off this movie.
I truly hope this movie will be great and that it will not be another “You got served” type of thing with corny phrases and a corny storyline.
I was told a lot of dope dancer from our scene where selected to join the team for this movie so my BIGGEST question is, why not let a REAL bboy shine, instead of a dude that likes to hit women and two guys I don’t even know. A few years back Chris Brown did this movie called Stomp The Yard and his finishing move in the final battle was an elbow freeze…. I mean.. common, you gonna let someone like that star in a “BBOY Movie”?!
If you don’t believe  me check the following clip and fast forward to 07:50 and see for yourself!

Now check out some REAL bboying.

After seeing that, I hope you can understand me when I say, I don’t think homeboy can represent our culture to the fullest.
Hope that it will turn out great, hope that the dancers in the movie get mad money and hope they get what they deserve!
And last but not least, no this was not a ” What Grind My Gears” but more a “Huh?! How The Hell Will That Work Out?”

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2 responses to “Planet Bboy Starring…Chris Brown, Josh Peck And Holloway?!”

  1. TijN says :

    Ridiculous if u ask me.. unless Chris Brown aka the Womanbeater throws an, let’s say, airtrack+90’s combo instead of a plain 6step :’)

  2. Riddle says :

    hahahah what an amazing elbow freezeee :D

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