Do You Know Why HipHop Gets Exploited?

So after not watching the final episode of So You Think You Can Dance yesterday I still have no idea who won, and quit frankly I don’t care.
The reason I don’t care is not because I think the judges are wack, or that I don’t think this is the way to do it or that this is just another way for big time producers to make big bucks.
It’s because I don’t feel like they portray the hiphop dance styles the way they should.
For all the little boys and girls now reading this shocked as hell, I’m not talking about the hiphop you all learned in your fancy dance studios, the hell with that shit, that shit ain’t even hiphop, even though that is what they claim on programs like so you think…
I’m talking about real street dances, real hiphop dances, real funk styles like Locking, Poppin’, Bboying and all that good shit.
All those dances have a history with its pioneers and with a vocabulary.
Now you have: Hiphop fast, Hiphop slow, Hiphop lyrical, Hiphop straight, Hiphop gay, Hiphop WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?
What’s the next step? Hiphop White? Hiphop Black? Hiphop Asian?! If people see way to make a few bucks, that’s the way it’s going down.
I’m sick and tired of people fucking up this culture that I dearly love and fell in love with when I was 12.
Allot of people really have put their hearts and souls into this thing to see other people who don’t know jack shit get allot of money for squat.
Ask those people on T.V. who Bambaataa  is, ask them who Ken Swift is ask them about Don “Campbellock” Campbell, The E.B’s, Kool Herc, what ever and they wouldn’t know because they are to busy working on their “Hiphop Slow” to do some actual research.
Real Recognize Real and they’re looking very unfamiliar right now.
Please check out this next clip, full of dope moves and more importantly a very dope message brought to you by Marlon From the HaviKORO crew. Marlon starts to talk at 2:55 and I really feel like what he said is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so please check it out!

Hiphop deserves better yo… Let’s make it happen.

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2 responses to “Do You Know Why HipHop Gets Exploited?”

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